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You are too sensitive. You try to keep aloof in order to avoid getting hurt. You analyze people and if you happen to like them, you ensure that they are safeguarded from any emotional turmoil caused by others. You are frank in revealing your dislike towards others.

You often lose control of yourself and brood over bitter things . You will always succeed in debate and argument as your powers of reasoning are exceptional. You have a scientific mind and cannot be convinced very easily.

You have exceptional skills in handling business and finance. Your ventures will create wealth for both yourself and others. If you curb your sensitiveness you can reach great heights. You have a great vision and are a good inventor.

You have a passion for public meetings, gatherings, and ceremonies. You like to be among crowds, yet feel lonely. You have powerful eyes that normally subdues the onlooker. You are humble about your extra energies and try to live like everyone else. Aquarians usually don't answer to opportunities immediately.

Stomach problem will affect frequently and the nerves in the stomach will pose problems that will pose a challenge to medicinal cure. Eyes will be give irrational problems.
Saggitarius, Libra, Aquarius
Aries, Scorpio
Shades of Blue and Grey
topazes, moonstones
Franklin D. Roosevelt., Thomas Edison, Abraham Lincoln, Charles Darwin, George Washington, Elizabeth Taylor
21 Jan to 19 Feb
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