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You have a strong will and are a die-hard fighter. You are into big schemes and are probably the head of some organization. You have very good organization skills. You are very stubborn.

You believe only in logic and don’t give credence to hear say. You are highly independent and don't like people interfering in your work but you will give in to them if they persist.Generally Arians will not a have a happy domestic life; you rarely get to spend time with your family members and hence crave for affection and sympathy more than any thing else. You sometimes succumb to praise and flattery.

You are very impulsive and quick in action. You make enemies due to your frankness and outspoken nature. As a general rule you will succeed in life and amass money and position.

You are a strict disciplinarian and expect perfect service from your subordinates. You have a visionary mind and are capable of prediciting the future. You tend to make mistakes in your relations with the opposite sex. Your happiness comes from overcoming obstacles in your career.

You are subjected to cuts, wounds , blows and you are subjected to accidents and violence. You will be subjected to headache and injury to head. You can also get away with health without medical need.
Aries, Leo, Scorpio
Gemini, Virgo, Aquarius
Shades of Blue and Grey
Red, Crimson,
Rose, Pink
Adolf Hilter, Shakespeare,
David Frost, Bismarck
21 Mar to 20 Apr
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