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Baby Name
Zodiac Planetery Lucky Card Just Rs. 175/-
Name Meaning
Yadav  Lord Krishna
Yadavendra  Lord Krishna
Yadunandan  Lord Krishna
Yadunath  Lord Krishna
Yaduraj  Lord Krishna
Yaduvir  Lord Krishna
Yagna  Ceremonial rites to God
Yaj  A sage
Yajat  Lord Shiva
Yajnadhar  Lord Vishnu
Yajnarup  Lord Krishna
Yajnesh  Lord Vishnu
Yamahil  Lord Vishnu
Yamajit  Lord Shiva
Yamir  Moon
Yash Victory, glory
Yashas  Fame
Yashodev  Lord of fame
Yashodhan Rich in fame
Yashodhara One who has achieved fame
Yashpal Protector of fame
Yashwant One who has achieved glory
Yatin Ascetic
Yatindra  Lord Indra
Yatish  Lord of devotees
Yayin  Lord Shiva
Yogendra God of Yoga
Yogesh God of Yoga
Yogi  Devotee
Yudhajit Victor in war
Yudhishthir  Eldest Pandava brother
Yudhisthir Firm in battle
Yuvraj  A prince
Yuyutsu Eager to figh