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Baby Name
Baby Name
Zodiac Planetery Lucky Card Just Rs. 175/-
Name Meaning
Faaris Horseman; Knight
Faarooq He who distinguishes truth from falsehood
Faatih Another name for Prophet Muhammad
Faatir Another name for God; originator
Fadi Redeemer
Fadl Outstanding; Honorable
Fadl Ullah The excellence of God
Fahad Lynx
Faisal Decisive
Fakhry Honorary
Faliq One that divides into two; creator
Faraqlit One who can identify between truth and falsehood
Fard Another name for God; unequalled; unique
Fareed Unique
Farid Another name for God; pearl
Fariq Another name for God; separating; eminent
Faris Perspicacity
Fastiq Another name for God; One who rips apart
Fateen Clever; Smart
Fattah One of the ninety-nine names of God;
Fawaz Successful
Fazil Talented; expert; intelligent; wise
Fidaa Redemption; Sacrifice
Fuad Heart
Furqau Which separates truth and falsehood