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Baby Name
Baby Name
Zodiac Planetery Lucky Card Just Rs. 175/-
Name Meaning
Qabil Another name for God; efficient; skilful
Qabiz One of the ninety-nine names of God
Qadim Old; primitive; without any beginning or end
Qadir Brave; courageous; all-powerful
Qahir Courageous, brave; conqueror; destructor
Qaim Another name for Prophet Muhammad;
Qarib Another name for God; proximity; poetic meter
Qasim Divider
Qatadah A hardwood tree
Qays Firm
Qayyam Another name for God, immortal
Qayyim Another name for the Quran; just; strong
Qudamah Courage
Qudrat Power, strength; potency; nature
Qutaybah Lrritable; Impatient