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Baby Name
Baby Name
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Name Meaning
Raakin Respectful
Raamiz Symbol
Raatib Arranger
Rabah Gainer
Rafi Another name for God; lofty; exalted; delicate
Ragheb Desirous
Rahim Merciful; affectionate; generous.
Rahman 55th Surah of the Quran; affectionate; gracious
Rajab The 7th month of the Muslim year
Rana Joy; Jewel; To gaze; Look
Raqib One of the ninety-nine names of God; watchman
Rashad Integrity of conduct
Rashid Rightly guided; Having the true Faith
Rasul Another name for Prophet Muhammad
Ratiq Another name for God; One who brings together
Raziq Another name for God; cherisher
Razzaq One who provides the necessities of life
Ridha Contentment
Ridhwan Acceptance; Good will
Riyadh Gardens
Rizawan Angel who is the guard of Paradise