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You have strong mental force and capabilities. You are a great thinker with good reasoning skills. You make natural heads of business and do any form of governmental work. You are always misunderstood by others. Your independent actions will be controlled by your mind. You will become leader in the trade you are engaged. Your ideas will always be unique, but logical.

You are a person of few words or talk according to your convinience.Capricorns underestimate themselves in a contest with their enemies. You also misjudge the potential of your enemies. You always worry unnecessarily about your health and your responsibilities. You get very easily discouraged and lack self-confidence. People born in this sign do a lot of charity and subscribe genoursly to charitable institutions. You hardly interfere in other people's affairs and follow only intellectual, clever and deep thinking.

You love to be in government organizations and be responsible for control and management of people. Your home and family life is very often troubled because of your actions.

You generally suffer from indigestion, rheumatism and your feet will pain.
Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn
Leo, Aries, Scorpio
Grey, Violet, Purple, Black
Moon stones, Pearls Amethysts
Josef Stalin, Rudyard Kipling,
Joan of Arc, Muhammad Ali,
W.Somerest Maugham, Benjamin Franklin
23 Dec to 20 Jan
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