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You have a strong personality and go by likes and dislikes. You will forgive any person whom you like. You are symphathetic and generous. You appreciate friendship and loyalty and will defend your friends. You hate disloyalty and deceit.

You are very truthful and honest. You are lucky in getting wealth from hidden sources. You crave for this to happen. You are a born leader at times of crisis. You are very proud and independent and do not like to be given orders. If circumstance force you to take orders, but you become despondent.

You are fearless and readily acknowledge defeat when you lose a battle. Your frankness and hatred of underhand behavior makes you enemies. You are tenacious and use power well. You are a daredevil and love life's challenges.

You should be careful in the area of ear, head and heart
Aries, Scorpio, Leo
Taurus, Aquarius
Yellow, Orange, White
Topazes, Amber, Rubies
Neil Armstrong, Alexander Fleming,
Napoleon, Queen Victoria
24 Jul to 23 Aug
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