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You have a strong intution, and your natural understanding for things around cannot be acquired formally. You are good at acquiring and retaining knowledge regarding History of countries and travel. You are dependent on others and anxious about material things in life. You are always concerned about your future. Your attitude makes people think that you are money-minded and that you never keep your promises on money matters.

You are too ambitious and when your ability is put to test you undermine your capabilities. And as a result of this you brood over the past and consider yourself the martyr. You have friends who are trust worthy and loyal. If you trust them, they will fulfil your expectations.
You will be fond of painting, music and literature and will excel in this area. You will follow legal and social conventions.

You are a blend of weak and strong characteristics and are sometimes inclined to low activities. Your mind is dual in nature and you surprise your friends by your sudden change of character.

Your dual nature may cause problems but may also lift you to dizzying heights. Piscians are generally fond of sea and large bodies of water, lakes and rivers. You believe in the occult and you are superstitious. You have a penchant for investigating philosophical, mysterious and unknown things. If you curb your sensitiveness and develop will power, you could attain a very high position in life.

You are likely to suffer from insomnia, despondency , anemia and nervous problems. You continuously to be always on the move as a result of this you will be rest less.
Pisces, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio
Libra, Taurus
Mauve, Violet, Purple
Agates, Sapphires, Emeralds
Albert Einstein, David Livingstone, Napoleon
20 Feb to 20 Mar
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