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You are intellectually strong, an excellent judge of people, and discriminating in business matters. You are not easily deceived. You are materialistic in approach and analytical. You precieve weak points quickly. You are blessed with a wonderful memory.

You have excellent taste in dress and are fond of harmony. You are an ardent follower of law and have great respect for position and rank. You would be an exceptional lawyer and a good debater. You will succeed in business since you persistently evolve new ideas.

You become selfish and self-centered in order to achieve your objective. You practice the art of cunning and craftily achieve your ends. You adapt easily to any situation. You are difficult to understand in area of love and emotions.

You will be virtuous and pure minded during youth. When you want to take revenge, you become the opposite due to respect for the law. You cover your lapses with your cleverness. You a have tendency to indulge in drugs and drink.

You always worry about your health and you are very sensitive about the surroundings. The health is subjected to shoulder and arms problem. Your physique will remain as youth. Your health is very sensitive about the living conditions which will have its impact on it.
Virgo, Aquarius, Capricorn
Aries, Leo, Cancer
Pale shade, Silver
Emeralds, Diamonds, Pearls
Sophia Loren, Henry George,
Queen Elizabeth I
24 Aug to 23 Sep
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